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Nouveau Program.

One fourth of my thesis time will be devoted for coding and I’m NOT slaying it.

One year.

So it’s been quite a journey here in Germany. And it’s getting close to one year from when I actually set off from my small village in India. Last year...

Das Rezept.

It tastes good. You should try it.


Many people have played a role in getting me here (I am in Germany right now, btw). And when I think of everything everyone has done for me, I feel I haven’t given enough in return. Phm.

Merriam Webster App

I just started using this beautiful dictionary app by Merriam Webster. So vivid and neat UI, beautifully placed search bar n many other features. And the wow factor is that its….


My first book, and the story behind it.
“I always thought thrillers were not for me. If I wanted to see a thriller I could watch James Bond”