I’ll do a PhD.

March 11 2017: I’m ‚Äčthinking of asking my supervisor to let me do a PhD under his supervision. I’ve already had some sort of discussion with my group head regarding...

Nouveau Program.

One fourth of my thesis time will be devoted for coding and I’m NOT slaying it.

One year.

So it’s been quite a journey here in Germany. And it’s getting close to one year from when I actually set off from my small village in India. Last year...

Das Rezept.

It tastes good. You should try it.


Many people have played a role in getting me here (I am in Germany right now, btw). And when I think of everything everyone has done for me, I feel I haven’t given enough in return. Phm.

Merriam Webster App

I just started using this beautiful dictionary app by Merriam Webster. So vivid and neat UI, beautifully placed search bar n many other features. And the wow factor is that its….


My first book, and the story behind it.
“I always thought thrillers were not for me. If I wanted to see a thriller I could watch James Bond”