codecademy :)

I started learning python on my own in 2012 by watching videos from this  YouTube channel, downloaded all-level programming tuts and I ended up with 300 mp4 files, but never took the effort to go through them. So in 2013 my neighbor and I were planning on doing app development for android while sitting at the herbal garden in jwalagiri, so we thought why not build some basic python skills, python being a high level language, before going into app development. We discussed many app ideas and “vow”-ed that we’ll get back into this after his exams, by the end of june/july. But me being busy with my training programme starting in june, i thought-why not now? So i went to several websites that provided python tuts. Many of them were good,but i wanted something that provided a certification. Tried edX, coursera, but their distant learning sessions in interactive python were still about to start. + i wanted something that had flexible timings. So i found this cool website called  and enrolled for Interactive Python. Its fairly simple and teaches us just like in school. It has an on-screen python window (or Intrepreter as they call it) on the right, on which we can do the programming-thing based on the instructions given on the left pane. As of now I’ve completed 25% of the course. See my public profile here. Our next step is to learn app dev from 🙂

Wish us good luck: @thatgeeman @HAFZ11

BTW, codecademy does not issue certificates for finishing lessons or tracks.
Your progress is recorded on your profile page, which you can share with employers, teachers, and friends. Many users include screenshot of their profiles in their CVs. (read more here)