This Christmas..

I don’t normally blog about my family, but this Christmas, I’m forced to.
Me and my father went to our native place last Saturday, in our car, with me driving all the way. We reached there by almost 6 in the evening. Earlier, he had agreed to me to come along with me to the municipal office on Monday to make changes in my birth certificate (click here for more details). I was hoping to apply for my passport once it’s done, so that I can write the GRE exams, which he never wanted me to write (but later agreed).
So the next Morning, Sunday, I went to the church to attend my classmates’ sisters’ baptism at a church in Kothamangalam. And i returned home by 4pm. Whenever I go to my native place, I (make sure that I) fight with my Aunt there. But this time, I dint want to, cos it was Christmas afterall. I never felt like my native place is my real home. Mainly because there would be a lot of people there, especially during vacations. But I adjust, make sure I enjoy, make sure i eat, make sure i exercise, and then return to Jwalagiri, my second home (which i consider as my real home).

So Today(Monday), I wake up, I see my father still not up, still in his room, and it was 11. Reason 1 for being pissed off. There are many other reasons for which I got pissed off, which I can’t write in a Blog! I got pissed off so badly, that I shouted at him like never before. He almost slapped me twice for that. We exchanged a lot of words, which we lost count of, and fought verbally till 3 pm today. Remember, my father is a priest. If we’d participated in the Rap Olympics, im pretty sure that our team would’ve won atleast a Bronze.
It all ended when i took the keys of our car and packed my dress and drove back to Jwalagiri. I drove so fast that i reached Jwalagiri by 4:01 pm. No one was Home but once i reached, i went into my sisters room and looked into the mirror and said – This is home. I felt alone, It was silent, I couldn’t find anything to eat, but, in the end, I was happy, and that is what really mattered.

I Know, introvert much.

All in all, I managed to fuck up my Christmas.