Even though I’ve actually tried reading a few books in my past, I’ve never done that with sheer zeal or enthusiasm.
The first book that I “tried” was some book called Nancy Drew from our school library. The reason why I took the book being unclear even now. I never used to read, like I said in the first few lines.
I believe I took the book because of the Irresistible cover image and the 2 inch thick cross section.
I could only comprehend what people wrote on tech magazines, and for the same reason I have a huge collection of Chip and Digit editions from 2005, ranging till 2010.
That’s a lot of investment. Each magazine coating around 150 Rs at that time.

Then came the times when I joined college. The only person in my class, I believe, who voraciously read books and novels was my friend (now girlfriend!).She introduced me to Megan Hart’s 50 shades series which I found interesting. Anyone would, because it was “taxonomied” – erotica.
I thought I would read this book, and that this would be the first book that I would read till the last page. But that dint happen this time too. Who would want to patiently read the plot and follow the story line, when you can jump chapters and read only the paragraphs that “interests” you?
Then, In 2013 I decided to improve my vocabulary and started practicing with flashcards, a thousand of them. In 2 months I could recall the meaning, the usage and a few synonyms.
So now that I am a Vocab Nazi, I thought I could try reading a book. I ordered a book on Buddha authored by Herman Hesse, and started reading. Half way through, I got caught up with my final year project and reading stopped there.
After almost 6 months, I’ve managed to complete a full book, my first book. That too a Sci-fi Thriller. I always thought thrillers were not for me. If I wanted to see a thriller I could watch James Bond. But I never thought I would actually read a thriller! Imagining each and every sequence in your head, capturing even the trivial details surrounding the protagonist, it was fun. While the book that I read consisted of several protagonists, I thought it to be more fun.
My first book – Deception Point by Dan Brown.
I know, that’s from ’96! I started reading books late. I didn’t squander much time, I went on to read the next .
My second book ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ will be over soon. A story of a cancer patient falling in love with another cancer patient.
I have a huge collection of ebooks now, 23 of them, as of now. Some say reading rates are reduced when u read from ebooks, while I believe this is true, I prefer ebooks to physical books, because I find it easy to look up meanings easily on a computer than a dictionary.

I hope to read on, and complete the whole of Robert Langdon series & Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.