These are the times I started believing in God.

When I was small, me and my sister used to read stuff from a yellow book that Appa bought us. He would buy us new books of the same kind very often – mainly because we made holes on it with Agarbatti sticks and wrote stuff on it. I like the fact that he actually let us do it – because it was not just any other yellow book – it was our prayer book. I had to read a paragraph and then Maria will read one and so on. During prayer time if we fell asleep, Appa will call our names loudly or hit us on our heads with his prayer book.

Truth to be told, I had no interest in sitting together and praying from a book. Nor did I like going to Sunday masses. It did not interest me as a child. Even now. I wouldn’t call myself an atheist but. I’m just not very religious. I enjoy watching Atheists Vs Christians/Muslims (I haven’t seen Hindus doing this kinda stuff) debating on the existence of god and stuff, but I don’t take any of the “comebacks” from the debate to my mind. I just watch it to see the loopholes that the “gurus” point out. So those days when someone asked me why I don’t go to church or do religious stuff, I had no clear answer to tell. If they pushed me enough, I would go to the church for like 1-2 weeks. And stop going thereafter, and the cycle continued!

Throughout my life there’s been many instances when I could feel some sort of force. Something supernatural that caused some effect in my life – in all cases that effect ended up being good. One instance was when I got this opportunity to study abroad and I was travelling to Delhi to meet my friends for one last get-together. I had booked my tickets to Germany from Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi (even though there was another international airport just 40 kilometers from my place) so that I could convince my parents to let me travel to Delhi and then go from there to Germany. 2,943 kilometers to Delhi from my place. So I was at the station and this was the last time I would see my parents. When the train arrived we all realized that we were at the wrong end of the train. Nevertheless I took all of my luggage and got in the coach right in front of me. 8 coaches away from my reserved seat. It was going to be a 2.5 Day journey till Delhi and I had already ruined the first step. I could see my mother crying and doing all the sentimental stuff. The train started moving. No proper good byes there. So two random guys saw all of this and I explained my situation to them. They helped me carry all of my luggage to my reserved seat once we reached the next station. It was going to be a 3 minute halt. They didn’t just carry. They ran with it. I wrote about this already in another post but this is just unbelievable. How can you trust two people that you’re seeing for the first time. And expect them to help you at this crisis. I say crisis because I was thinking of too many things at once. I just left my family and won’t see them for two frigging years. Saw them in tears. I’m meeting my friends in Delhi after 1 year. I have to get 60Kgs of stuff, in 3 different bags, across half the length of the train. I didn’t know if I should ask someone for help. I didn’t know anyone. I had to decide quickly. Parents calling me every 10 mins asking if I reached my seat. It was getting darker and I was in the General coach with lots of people in it. That for me – is a crisis.

Philippians 4:19
And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

I just quoted a phrase from bible. That is the level of influence this event has had on me.

One time during my first semester in Strasbourg, we were playing badminton inside the class and I tripped and fell on the floor. Onlookers said I missed my head hitting the sharp edge of a table by nanometers! Something really random n lucky.
Another time I was doing this supermad stuff by cycling from Kehl to Freiburg. 84kms journey with 5-8kgs in my backpack. When I was around 20kms from my destination, at a highway near Gundelfingen, the cycling path just stopped. It was already 8pm. And that was my calculated time of arrival at Freiburg. So now I go supercrazy and took my cycle over the highway fence and started cycling on the highway, really close to the fence so that I won’t get hit by a car or something. I did that for around 1 km and then a car graces past me at around 80kmph – I could feel the wind as I was at the turbulent zone wrt the car. So now stupid me realized how stupid I was and saw the cycling path on the other side of the road. So, I just got killed by a car. Survived that.
Then I went on to exit Gundelfingen and my phone and external battery dies. No more navigation to reach my apartment in Freiburg. Time is 9.30pm.
There is this thing called “ask someone for the way” but since I’m too shy to do that even at this kind of situation, I decided to recollect what I saw in the map just before it went off, and follow that route. I did that, cycled for around 5 kms with real slow pace in confusion. Then I thought I’ll maybe try switching on my phone once again and see if it works. Just maybe. So the phone that went off after showing 0% battery switched on by itself inside my pocket, and now it showed 15% battery. ? I don’t know if Blackberry people made this kinda “feature” intentionally, or if it’s a random thing that was just there to help me out. So I went on to reach some part of Freiburg with lots of hills and valleys. And then the phone went off again after showing 0% battery. So I lost hope of reaching my destination and followed the direction boards and reached some strange place with lots of graffiti. Now I thought maybe the phone works still. Now I checked the phone and it was switched off. Meh. I tried switching it on by press-holding the power button, and it worked! Again! This time it showed 8% battery. So I checked the routes quickly, mounted the phone on my bike and continued real fast cos I knew I’m so close to my destination. The time was around 10.30pm. So I biked m biked n biked. I checked my phone to see where I was going n this time again the phone switched off by itself.
So, there I was stranded in the middle of the street with no idea where to go. Then, shy me grew some balls to ask people for directions. I biked real slow to find someone. I didn’t find anyone. Maybe they all slept? So, I thought maybe the phone works still. And it did. Again. ? I checked the map, found my way, Reached my room. Time : 11.00 pm.

Let me review. So either blackberry phones die when they reach minus 30% or something really random happened. I’m gonna assume something really random happened. In all events that I’ve mentioned here, something random happened. I happened to chose or do the right thing in all cases.
This randomness is helping me out so much. It helped me from getting killed, to reach my destination etc. I’m calling this randomness supernatural. I have no other explanation. The events I’ve mentioned – they’re just a few. If take all of the random stuff that has happened to me till now n put it together, and think why it happened that way, I would still end up calling it supernatural. Or is there a religious me inside my mind that is trying to associate all of this to God.
I even capitalized the G in God. Dayum.