Language shift.

When I decided to do a master in Germany, I had this clear-cut idea that I will do German language courses before and during the course. The program that I got into is almost like an exchange program between two universities at the franco-german border. And I had always preferred staying on the German side, since I was never inclined towards the “French way of doing things”.

Right now my program requires me to be mobile again; and move to Strasbourg – an altmodisch French city with Alsacien origin. I have to learn French now. I have developed this weird love for French language and culture during my time in Freiburg. I feel that German is something that I will take years to learn considering my current pace and interest. Moreover, yesterday I was asking my French speaking classmates for the contact of some German teaching institutes in Strasbourg, since I thought of doing German in Strasbourg at first. One guy, Alexis, influenced me to a great extend, putting all these thoughts into perspective, and hence helping me take a rational decision.

After coming to this small city called Freiburg, I feel more attached to Strasbourg than ever. Strasbourg and Kehl are places that I will never forget. Mainly because the first time I ever came to Europe I lived in Kehl and Strasbourg. I have this homely connection to these cities. Freiburg in itself is a live city and there’s a lot of things happening around me, and lots of stuff to do too. More people speak english here than in Kehl or Strasbourg. I feel good here. But I’m that kind of person who likes to live in a calm and quiet place – helps me focus on what I want to do. And I guess that’s  what I feel when I’m in Kehl/Strasbourg. Another thing about Freiburg is that I see a lot of Indians here, and me being really really bad at speaking Hindi, I feel a bit “socially secluded” from them. As if there existed a barrier that prevented me from making any verbal contact with them. I know they also speak English, but my introvertedness takes control whenever I see them.

All these put together, plus due to the logical reason  – to learn French in a French city, I will learn French next semester and during my thesis. 🙂