How to upload a web page to uni-freiburg domain [tutorial]


You are currently enrolled in the University of Freiburg (I’m not) or is somehow affiliated to the university.

Interested in creating a simple online web page.

Understands very basic Linux commands and HTML code.


Personal web pages are hosted in Uni-Freiburgs omnibus server:

By default your site will be hosted here with your User ID in the end:

Here gg76 used to be my User ID. User ID is the ID with which you login to this site:

TL;DR? Go here:


    1. Windows people do this first and continue to the next step
    2. Linux people can directly ssh to the omnibus server with:
    3. Files required to make the web-page are kept in a folder called “public_html” which is located in a sub-directory under our UserID. Navigate to that directory:
      cd /home/omnibus/gg76/public_html
    4. If no such directory:
         mkdir /home/omnibus
         mkdir /home/omnibus/gg76
         mkdir /home/omnibus/gg76/public_html
         cd /home/omnibus/gg76/public_html
    5. Check if “git” is supported with -v flag. Then do git clone and copy all files (and folders) to public_html
         git -v 
         git clone
         cd public_html_tut
         cp * -r ../../public_html
         cd ../../public_html
    6. If there is no git support, and only ssh-protocols work, read this to see how you can proceed.
    7. Also read this to understand what each file inĀ public_html means.
    8. Modify the index.html file in public_html to suit your needs: modify name, website, info, CV, etc.
    9. Upload files that you linked to, in the index.html file, into the files directory.
    10. That’s it, your website should be ready now.

Misc, but useful:

In Step 9, I said upload your files: how do you do that anyway?

You can use the scp command to copy files from your computer (from shell) to the website directory with:

scp /path/to/file.pdf

Skip to this to use your PC/Laptop (windows or linux) to edit the files according to your requirement and later upload it to the university server. To do that, first download the website package I’ve prepared for you here. Extract its contents, and use any text editor to modify the index.html file. Add the CV and other docs you want to share in your website into the files directory. You can preview your website to see if everything works by simply opening index.html file with an internet browser. Now you can scp the entire directory with the -r flag to the omnibus server, like this:

scp -r ~/path/to/public_html_tut/*

Method 1: Easy

Do it the easy way by downloading a Linux subsystem for Windows from here. This supports natively all commands including (but not limited to) git, ssh and scp. Now follow everything from Step 2.


Method 2: Intermediate

If you are on windows, install Cygwin and PuTTy to get scp, ssh and other linux terminal like features.

With Cygwin, you can use most basic linux commands. For scp, ssh and git, you have to follow this and this. After, go to Step 2.

If you want to use PuTTy, use these protocols to connect to the uni server with ssh and modify files within the terminal:
User: UserID
Password: <your password>
Port: 22 <default, I think>
Protocol: SFTP

TL;DR? Go here:

That’s it.