Working in Silence

Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.

 Proverbs 21:23 

Warning: a lot of I’s and my’s

Every person’s life is, in a way, a journey of self discovery. It is a process where one learns a lot about his/her mind, body and soul. I started my PhD a year ago and it is time for self reflection!
I have to write this down somewhere so as to comeback to it at some juncture when I feel bad about myself.

Among other things, one impressive thing that I have learnt about myself is that I love to work in silence. Why is that impressive — not sure, but I am productive when silent. This is mostly attributed to my introverted past imho. Fast forward to PhD life, this meant I didn’t necessarily have to interact with other people or indulge in meaningless conversations during work hours. Usually when people distract me from work by being noisy, I get really irritated. Not sure if it’s something that I should really try to fix — but people are different and I am wired this way. This does not mean I go batshit crazy on them — I try to bring back my focus by listening to some Slash/Joe Satriani/Kfir Ochaion. This works sometimes.

Other times, I just walk out of the office, read a book or smth and come back later. Silence is a virtue. I think a lot of unwanted confrontations or arguments can be avoided if one decides to be silent in the heat of anger.

P.S. I am not very Christian, but there is this awesome list of reasons why one has to be silent over here. I try to live by it.