For the love of linux

I like Linux. Mostly because by installing Linux I was able to salvage my laptop which took like 15 minutes to boot (since it ran Windows).

The first time I used Linux was back in 2013 when I dual booted Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Windows 8. I got rid of my original Windows installation after a year or so. Since then I've seen infinite kernel panics and data loss, but enjoyed every bit of it! I've run many distributions of Linux and in 3-4 years reached a trustworthy and stable solution. I switched to Archlinux permanently in 2017.

I've made a lot of mistakes while running Linux and is no expert with any of the distros -- therefore I always carry a dedicated USB with Archlinux on it so as to chroot whenever required. Whenever I do make a major mistake, I post it on twitter or make a wallpaper out of it!