Curriculum Vitae

Hello! I am an aspiring data scientist with domain expertise in computational polymer physics, based in Austria.

I am originally from Pothanicad, a small village in southern India but I grew up in this industrial town overlooking oil tanks - Ambalamukal - and went to Cochin Refineries School. I joined the College of Engineering in Munnar to study Computer Science, but due to personal reasons, I discontinued and joined Cochin University (CUSAT) for their Polymer Science program. In 2013, together with a few colleagues, I co-founded a branding startup -- brandkaro.

In 2015, I relocated to Germany to attend the University of Freiburg to do a joint-master in Polymer Science. Through my master thesis performed at Théorie et Simulation des Polymères group of Institut Charles Sadron (CNRS Alsace), I was exposed to the field of numerical analysis and soft matter theory. I secured doctoral thesis funding from the University of Strasbourg, France to continue in this domain under the guidance of Dr Joachim Wittmer. For my doctoral thesis, I numerically evaluated the mechanical properties of freestanding polymer films and characterized ensemble fluctuations of variables that contribute to them. During my PhD, I found my interest in machine/computer vision while working on a side project. I am currently diving deeper by implementing vision based models and attempting interesting problems on Kaggle.