On the 19th of October 2019, I got married to my girlfriend. We'd been in a relationship since 2013 and it feels great to be married. We both have been tested with distance and time trying to force us apart, but in the end, everything went as planned. The most exciting part was our romantic getaway to the Maldives on the 29th of October -- we were officially sanctioned to go on an international trip! Our self-planned, self-executed trip was so good that we sort of made it a deal to cover all of those beautiful little islands in our future trips. After the marriage, I had to return to France and Priyanka to Bangalore. We are in the process of bringing her here. I hope that works out.

My sister, whom I met after 4 years, also got married a couple of days before mine, which means that the family size has tripled in a week. Lots of people whom we do not know the names of, but there's a lifetime to learn all of that, right?