Thesis Template [RevTeX] [Journal Format] [Two Column] If you are in the scientific community you might’ve already heard about RevTeX. This is basically a package made by APS, which can be added to any TeX distribution. This package lets you write TeX files in an approved format using some predefined macros. Here is the documentation for RevTeX V4.1  which talks about the features of this package. I’m also putting together a two-column TeX template based on RevTeX4-1 class for the future students of IM-PolyS, specifically targeted at their Science Day/Defence.
This project is complete and is available here.

CV/Resume in LaTeX [Resumé Class]

After my master thesis next thing to do was to learn how to make a CV in LaTeX. During the same time, I was seriously considering a PhD position in Le Mans — So I thought I’ll make one and upload a template here for anyone who is looking for something to start with. Here is the .tex file if you are sure you know how to proceed. Else download and extract this zip file, with which you can readily start editing on any text editor and later compile for changes. Recommended editor is TeXmaker or Kile. This is what your CV would look like if you were to use this template. Let me know if this works for you or not.