Das Rezept.

I don’t know why, but many seemed to assume that I had this blog made just for sharing the happenings in Germany. People, no. This is a blog I used to have from 2008 (but with a different name :P). I changed names all the time. I had like 200 posts in this blog till May 2015; after which I removed most of the garbage posts. So the posts you can now see in this blog are the ones I really typed (I think). So, this is a blog where I share bits and pieces of my life as a muggle.

When I first applied for a room in a WG or a Wohngemeinschaft (Flatshare), the landlord wanted me to talk to the present inhabitants in the flat; and would only give me room in the flat if the inhabitants liked me. So I did skype with them, and when I told them that I am from India, the first response from Joshua (roomie) was to bring all the spices. So I did. I brought them here and thought I’ll cook and share what I cook. But they’re not here yet. Vacations. Btw, all my roomies are german citizens only. I thought it would be nice to rent a room with germans. 🙂

So, once I settled in, I started cooking. And I started capturing every moment. First day dint go well – I cut my finger.


That is real blood. It looks like paint though.

I started making stuff but. There’s a pic of me and chapathi dough somewhere in this post. I don’t know how to put it closer to this text. Btw, Marias Menu is a great website if you want to try making south-indian stuff. I tried making the dish listed here, but during the course of making it, it somehow transformed into a different dish altogether.


An accomplished-face me with chapathi dough. There is enough dough for 4 small chapatis. I used the heater here directly to make it desi, but it never worked out. At the end of the day I had only 2 chapatis which I could eat.

Firstly, I dint have all those ingredients mentioned in the website. Even the prawns. I mean, I only had some dried prawns. So I made a minimalist recipe with the ingredients I had – Chilly powder, Garam masala, Salt, Pepper, Cheese, Oil.


This is what I put in the oven.

I started by heating the pan. Added Oil, Chilly, and Garam masala. Mixed and kept “sauteing?” till it got really dark and smoky. Now I turned off the heater and mixed the thing that I just made, with the prawns. I took a bowl and put all of that into it, and started putting cheese on top (don’t know why). I kept it in the oven for 45 seconds at 190 deg, for the cheese to melt. Then I put cooked rice (more like kanji!) on top of it, and I mixed all of it. I waited till the “kanji vellam” soaked all the dried prawns in the mix. Then I ate, after garnishing it with a papad (did not use oil) and black coffee. It tastes good. You should try it.


And that’s what i ate.