One year.

So it’s been quite a journey here in Germany. And it’s getting close to one year from when I actually set off from my small village in India. Last year this time I was at my friend Anaghas apartment in Bangalore, constantly travelling back and forth between the embassy and her place to get my visa done. Without her and her husband allowing me to stay at her place (for free :P), I still don’t know how I would’ve made it here.

A lot has changed since then. Food first. My entire concept of having a “full meal” changed altogether. From what used to be a Thali! to Baguette and Margarine. From no appetizer to a must-yogurt-and-pepita-topped-salad. From Chapati and Chicken Curry “dinner” to no dinner at all. And above all, the use of a fork, spoon and knife instead of my hands – even at home!

I’ve made great friends. Though I get verbally bashed at a lot – for my accent, appearance, big feet, tits, culture, stupid things I say – I enjoy being with them – every single second of it! Some people that I talked to, wants me to think along the lines of racism – but no. It’s a no barrier friendship. I have to admit that the first semester was a bit awkward, but after we came to know each other through the long talks that we had at the Mensa (which we still have – and we’re mostly the last ones to leave the Mensa), the trips that we had together, and the time we spend during lecture breaks, it was a smooth transition from being strangers to close friends. It is in fact no different from the friends that I met and made in India. People are the same.

I still ride my cycle/”Bike”. And I do that really slow. But sometimes fast, which makes me write – Survived occasional collisions with no major injuries. I should fix the breaks. I need to make use of my semester ticket! I have to travel some more. Read more books, tell bad jokes, develop interest in football (eurocup?). And mostly live.

I’m starting my master thesis at CNRS next semester! and my future title could possibly be Theoretical Polymer Physicist – if I do well. I think its a cool title to have. That’s how close I can get to Lawrence Krauss. 😛

Ending with a quote (that makes no sense), just to make this look classy.

Just when I have given up all hope, a wave retires and leaves me sprawling like a star-fish on the sand, and I get up and look back and find that I’ve been swimming for my life in two feet of water.  I hop back and dress, and crawl home, where I have to pretend I liked it.

– Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K.