Bombay-ing : Part 1 – 2/6/2013


An event that I made in my phone calendar

Well it is turning out to be the adipoliest month of 2013, even before the training programme started. Basil Geevarghese Hisham We three are in this train to Manglore right now. How did we get into this train? It’s a twisted story, Kinda.
This journey for me and Basil stared from our homes and then from the Vytila Mobility Hub, where we saw this.

A driver who dared to get into the Hub with his private vehicle.. And then there was this couple who sat next to us and were forced to move out of the hub by a lady – security staff.

While desperately planning to get into the train by bribing the ttr( since we got our train tickets to bombay got cancelled by just 1 slot,) we saw this yet – to – open Karnataka RTC centre for enquiry within the hub. We have to report at Bombay on 4th for our training programme+ we would try any possible way that gets us to bombay.
At the Karnataka RTC centre, They had put up a chart which had info about the seating, type of bus, and booking numbers. We called them up and checked for availability of seats and ticket rates. They said 980 per person. With the kind of busses they had(sleeper ac benz,volvo multi axle) + with the info passed on by my sister , that rate was expected. The plan was to reach Bangalore ASAP and then get in some train that connects to Mumbai(We learned later that there existed no such train).

Basil called up Hisham and asked him to get in the bus From Kozhikode(his nearby bada station after Malappuram Town) but the bus had no stop at Kozhikode/anywhere else. The person at the desk had said Ernakulam – Bombay Non Stop.


Hisham asked us to come to Manjeri, his home town and do the rest of the planning from there. We were thinking about this when Azhar came to the Hub. Azhar is the fourth and final person who will be joining us in the training programme at Bombay, (he got his tickets confirmed on 8th June) . Azhar is the one who reserved the tickets for us too and the reason why we’re in this train to Manglore. But in the end it was our decision to travel all the way from Ernakulam to Kozhikode 😉

We found no direct bus to Kozhikode and had to get in a bus to Trissur and then a connecting bus to Kozhikode. We travelled a total of 4 hours in 2 buses and got down at the Malappuram Ksrtc station where we met Hisham with his friends (1 who owned a BMW X5). For a moment me and Basil thought the BMW is here to pick us up. But then we talked for a few minutes and his friends left :'(
Next, we 3 had to travel again, for 1 hour in a bus to Manjeri. (There’s this weird thing. Those private busses in Malappuram won’t give us bus tickets.) We got down next to a ChicKing outlet and made our final night at Kerala korach grand. Then it started raining and we took an autorickshaw to Hishams house. The times nine At night.

Update: I forgot about this series.